Law and Order in Bihar at Its Worst: Abducted Boy Burnt Body Recovered After 10 Days of Police Inaction

In a shocking incident, the burnt body of 13-year-old Tushar Kumar, who was abducted from Patna on March 16, has been recovered. The incident has once again highlighted the bad condition of law and order in Bihar, where crime is at its peak.

According to reports, Tushar Kumar was abducted by unknown kidnappers on March 16, who demanded a ransom of Rs 40 lakh from his family. Despite repeated appeals to the Bihar Police for help, no action was taken for ten days.

On March 26, the burnt body of Tushar Kumar was found in a deserted area near Patna. The incident has sparked outrage across the state, with people demanding swift action against the culprits.

The family of the victim has accused the Bihar Police of negligence, stating that they did not take the matter seriously and failed to act in time. They have also alleged that the police did not even register a case until March 21, five days after the abduction.

The incident has once again highlighted the poor law and order situation in Bihar, where crime is at its peak. The state has been witnessing a spate of kidnappings, murders, and other crimes in recent months, raising questions about the effectiveness of the police force.

The government has assured the public that the culprits will be brought to justice and that the police will be held accountable for their negligence. However, the incident has once again exposed the vulnerability of the common man in Bihar and the urgent need for reforms in the state’s law and order system.


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