Amit Shah Attacks Nitish Kumar Over PM Ambition and Bihar’s Law and Order Situation

In a scathing attack on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah accused him of harboring greed for the Prime Minister’s post and taking shelter under Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Speaking at a rally in Patna, Shah questioned Nitish’s allegiance to the Congress, stating that the Bihar Chief Minister had spent his entire life opposing the party.

Shah went on to accuse Nitish of being driven by ambition for the Prime Minister’s post, which he claimed was the only reason Nitish had sought refuge with the Congress.

Shah also took aim at the Nitish Kumar-led government’s record on law and order, stating that the state was in a bad condition, with incidents of rape and murder being reported on a daily basis. He called on the people of Bihar to give Nitish Kumar and his government a lesson in the upcoming elections.

Shah highlighted the disparity in funding given to Bihar during the UPA government and under the Modi government. He pointed out that between 2009-2014, only Rs 50,000 crore was given to Bihar, while the Modi government had given over Rs 1 lakh crore to the state between 2014-2019.

Shah also spoke about the issue of fake liquor sales in the state, calling for an end to the practice. He highlighted the projects worth Rs 15,000 crore given to Bihar by PM Modi and questioned how much money had been given to the state by Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav when they were in the Union Ministry under the UPA government.

Shah concluded his speech by calling for a 2/3rd majority for Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister again, stating that it was the only way to get rid of the “Jungle Raj” in Bihar.

He also spoke out against the murder of journalists who spoke out against the government, stating that Modi had taken steps to control the situation by banning the Popular Front of India.


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