Former MP Atiq’s Son Critically Injured in a Self-Inflicted Incident in Naini Jai

In a tragic turn of events, Atiq’s son Ali has been injured and is currently lodged in Prayagraj’s Naini Jail. The incident occurred when Ali reportedly hit the wall in his cell, resulting in serious injuries.

According to sources, Ali was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention. His condition is said to be critical and the doctors are closely monitoring him. It is unclear what led to Ali’s self-inflicted injuries at this time.

Atiq, a former Member of Parliament and a prominent political figure in Uttar Pradesh has been embroiled in several controversies over the years. His son Ali’s imprisonment is just the latest in a long line of legal troubles for the family.

The news of Ali’s injuries has sent shockwaves through the local community, with many expressing their concern and sympathy for the family. There has been no official statement from Atiq or his family regarding the incident.

The incident also raises questions about the conditions in Naini Jail and the safety of inmates. The authorities have yet to comment on the matter, but it is likely that an investigation will be launched into the incident.

As of now, Ali’s condition remains critical and his family and loved ones are anxiously waiting for updates on his health.


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