Bajrang Dal Protests Congress Party’s Manifesto, Equating It to the Banned Terrorist Outfit PFI

Bajrang Dal members in Delhi protested vehemently against the Congress party’s announcement in its manifesto for Karnataka Elections 2023, which proposed to ban the outfit on the lines of PFI. The Congress party equated the Bajrang Dal to the banned terrorist outfit PFI in its manifesto, which outraged the members of the organization.

The Bajrang Dal, which is devoted to serving Dharma, has over 5 Lakh active workers across Bharat, and the Congress party’s manifesto seems to have hurt their sentiments. They see this as a direct attack on their organization’s beliefs and values.

The protesters allege that the Congress party is trying to appease Muslims by banning the Bajrang Dal, just like they withdrew cases against PFI during the Siddaramaiah government. They argue that Congress cannot equate Bajrang Dal with a banned terrorist outfit like PFI.

The BJP leader HB Sarma criticized the Congress party’s manifesto, saying it looked like the manifesto of PFI and fundamentalist Muslim organizations. He also warned that Karnataka would strongly retaliate to this provocation and ensure a crushing defeat for Congress in the upcoming elections.

The Bajrang Dal members in Delhi protested peacefully, carrying placards and raising slogans against the Congress party’s manifesto. The police were present at the protest site to maintain law and order. The protest ended peacefully, with the Bajrang Dal members vowing to continue their fight for their beliefs and values.


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