Bihar’s Caste Politics in the Spotlight as Former MP Anand Mohan’s Release Sparks Controversy

In Bihar, the release of former MP Anand Mohan from jail has sparked controversy and accusations of caste politics. Uma Devi, the wife of retired IAS officer G Krishnaiah, expressed her displeasure over the release of Anand Mohan and alleged that it was based on caste politics.

Anand Mohan, a former MP, and a Rajput leader, was serving a life sentence for his involvement in the murder of an IAS officer. However, he was released by the Bihar government on parole for his wife’s treatment. This decision has been criticized by many, including Uma Devi, who claimed that the real reason behind his release was to secure the Rajput votes.

In a statement to the press, Uma Devi said, “We are not happy, we feel it is wrong. There is caste politics in Bihar, he is a Rajput so he will get Rajput votes and that is why he is being taken out (from jail), otherwise, what is the need of bringing a criminal? He will be given an election ticket to bring Rajput votes.”

Anand Mohan’s release has raised concerns about the politicization of the justice system and the use of criminal elements to secure votes in elections. The opposition parties have also criticized the move, calling it a clear case of political opportunism.

The Bihar government, however, defended its decision to release Anand Mohan, stating that it was based on humanitarian grounds and that there was no political motive behind it.

The release of Anand Mohan has once again highlighted the issue of caste politics in Bihar and the need for the state to address this issue. It remains to be seen how the controversy surrounding his release will affect the upcoming state elections.

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