BJP Manifesto in Karnataka: Free Gas Cylinders, Affordable Food, and More Promises for Citizens

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Karnataka has released its manifesto ahead of the state assembly elections. The manifesto promises a range of measures aimed at improving the lives of citizens, particularly those from economically weaker sections.

One of the key promises made by the party is to provide three free gas cylinders to all Below Poverty Line (BPL) cardholders during the months of Ugadi, Ganesh Utaav, and Diwali. This move is expected to provide relief to thousands of households struggling with rising fuel prices.

Another important commitment made by the BJP is the establishment of Atal Ahaara Kendras in every ward to provide affordable food to the poor. BPL cardholders will also be entitled to receive half a litre of milk every day.

The BJP manifesto also includes a pledge to implement the Uniform Civil Code, a longstanding demand of the party. This would replace the current system of personal laws that vary according to religion, and instead provide a uniform set of laws for all citizens.

The party has also promised to provide 10 lakh housing sites for the homeless, along with the Vishveshwariah Vidya scheme for the holistic upgradation of government schools. In addition, the BJP has pledged to eradicate manual scavenging and provide free annual health check-ups for senior citizens.

Agriculture has also been given prominence in the BJP manifesto, with the party committing to setting up a ₹30,000 crore agri fund to set up micro storage facilities. Additionally, ₹1500 crore has been earmarked for developing tourism spots in Kalyan Karnataka.

The BJP has also promised to increase the insurance cover under Ayushman Bharat from ₹5 lacks to ₹10 lacks and establish chemotherapy and dialysis centers in every taluka. In a bid to appease its traditional voter base, the party has also promised ₹1,000 crores for maintaining temples and providing free pilgrimage to Kashi and Kedarnath for 25,000 people.

Overall, the BJP manifesto promises a range of measures aimed at improving the lives of citizens across different sections of society. With the assembly elections just around the corner, it remains to be seen how many of these promises will be fulfilled if the BJP is voted to power.


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