BJP State President’s Surprising Statement: ‘I Eat Beef and There’s No Problem’, Sparks Controversy in Meghalaya

Ernest Mowry, the BJP state president in Meghalaya, recently sparked controversy with his statement, “I eat beef and I am in BJP, there is no problem in this…there is no restriction.”

The comment has caused a stir in the political and social circles of the state, as it goes against the traditional stance of the Bharatiya Janata Party on beef consumption.

The BJP is widely regarded as a Hindu nationalist party, and beef is considered taboo in Hindu culture. Many states in India have also enforced strict laws against cow slaughter and beef consumption, and the issue of cow protection has become a sensitive political topic in recent years.

However, Mowry’s statement breaks away from this narrative and advocates for a more inclusive and tolerant approach to food habits. His comments have been hailed by many as a step towards secularism and freedom of choice.

The BJP state president’s statement is especially significant in Meghalaya, where beef is a staple food and an integral part of the local cuisine. The state has a significant Christian population, and many tribal communities consume beef as a part of their cultural traditions.

Mowry’s statement is a departure from the party’s stance on beef consumption, but it does not necessarily reflect a change in the BJP’s official position on the issue. The party has historically been opposed to beef consumption and has pushed for cow protection laws in many states.

However, the BJP has also been accused of promoting a Hindu-centric agenda and promoting intolerance towards other religious and cultural practices.

Mowry’s comments have been met with both support and criticism. Some have praised him for his progressive and inclusive views, while others have accused him of going against the party’s ideology and undermining its efforts to promote cow protection.

In response to the controversy, Mowry has stood by his statement and emphasized that it is a personal opinion, and he does not speak for the party on this issue. He also highlighted the importance of respecting diverse cultural and religious practices and promoting harmony and inclusiveness.

The debate around beef consumption and cow protection is a complex and nuanced issue that has both cultural and political dimensions.

While Mowry’s statement may not necessarily reflect the official stance of the BJP on the issue, it does open up a dialogue and encourages a more tolerant and inclusive approach to food habits and cultural practices.

In conclusion, Mowry’s statement on beef consumption is a significant departure from the traditional stance of the BJP on this issue.

While it has sparked controversy and criticism, it also represents a step towards a more inclusive and tolerant approach to cultural and religious practices.

Ultimately, the debate around beef consumption and cow protection highlights the importance of promoting harmony and understanding among different communities and respecting diverse cultural traditions.


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