Champions Denied Justice: Female Wrestlers Brutally Manhandled by Delhi Police during PM Modi’s Parliament Inauguration

New Delhi: In a shocking turn of events, a group of female wrestlers staged a protest today in front of the Parliament, demanding justice and an end to sexual harassment, only to be met with mistreatment and brutal manhandling by the Delhi Police.

The incident occurred during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inauguration of the new Parliament building, tarnishing the sanctity of the occasion. The female wrestlers, recognized as champions in their field, gathered outside the Parliament with placards, calling attention to the pervasive issue of sexual harassment that they, and many others, have endured.

Their protest aimed to shed light on the plight of countless women who suffer in silence, urging the government to take immediate action against their alleged perpetrator, a Member of Parliament affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

However, instead of being heard and their demands addressed, the protesters were subjected to mistreatment by the Delhi Police. Eyewitnesses reported that the police officers resorted to excessive force, brutally manhandling the wrestlers and forcefully dispersing the gathering.

Shocked onlookers expressed their dismay at the police’s heavy-handed response, highlighting the irony that such an incident took place in front of the symbol of justice and truth.

Speaking on behalf of the protesting wrestlers, renowned athlete, and Olympic medalist, Sakshi Mallik, condemned the treatment they received. Devi emphasized that they intended to draw attention to the rampant sexual harassment prevailing in society and urge lawmakers to prioritize the safety and dignity of women.

The incident has sparked outrage among citizens, human rights activists, and members of the sporting community across the country. Many have taken to social media to express their solidarity with the female wrestlers, using hashtags such as #JusticeForWrestlers and #EndSexualHarassment. Prominent personalities from various fields have also voiced their concerns and demanded a thorough investigation into the incident.

Questions are now being raised about the government’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of sexual harassment and protecting the rights of women. Critics argue that the treatment of the wrestlers is a reflection of a larger problem: the lack of accountability and justice in cases involving influential individuals.

The incident has also cast a shadow on the Prime Minister’s Parliament inauguration event, with many questioning the government’s priorities and commitment to women’s safety and police action.

While the nation waits for an official response from the government and the Delhi Police, the brave wrestlers who stood up against sexual harassment continue to serve as a reminder that the fight for justice and equality must persist, even in the face of adversity.


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