China Firmly Opposes G20 Meetings on Disputed Territory: Boycotts Indian-Administered Kashmir Event

May 20, 2023, In a strong statement issued today, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, declared that China firmly opposes any form of G20 meetings held on disputed territory.

The spokesperson further emphasized that China will not attend any meetings or events planned to be held in Indian-administered Kashmir, signaling a boycott of the G20 proceedings.

The remarks by Wang Wenbin come in response to recent reports suggesting that the G20 meetings and events were being planned in the disputed region of Indian-administered Kashmir.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s stance reflects the country’s consistent position on territorial disputes and its commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region.

“China firmly opposes any attempts to hold G20 meetings or events on disputed territories,” stated Spokesperson Wang Wenbin during a press conference in Beijing. “We have taken note of the reports regarding the G20 proceedings in Indian-administered Kashmir, and we categorically state that China will not attend such meetings.”

Wang Wenbin emphasized that the G20, as an important platform for global economic cooperation, should adhere to the principles of impartiality, fairness, and neutrality.

Holding meetings on disputed territories, he argued, could undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the G20 and create unnecessary tensions among member countries.

The spokesperson also reiterated China’s commitment to resolving territorial disputes through peaceful negotiations and in accordance with international law.

Wang Wenbin urged all parties involved to respect each other’s territorial integrity, exercise restraint, and promote dialogue to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

The decision to boycott the G20 meetings in Indian-administered Kashmir underscores China’s long-standing position on territorial issues and demonstrates its determination to protect its national interests.

The move also signifies the country’s intent to contribute to the overall stability and development of the G20, while upholding the principles of international law.

As one of the world’s major economies and a significant player in global affairs, China’s decision to boycott the G20 meetings in Indian-administered Kashmir is expected to have far-reaching implications.

It remains to be seen how other member countries will respond to China’s stance and whether alternative arrangements will be made for the G20 proceedings.

The issue of territorial disputes and their impact on international forums like the G20 highlights the complex challenges faced by global governance and the delicate balance between national interests and multilateral cooperation.

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