Bihar and Jharkhand Unite for Progress: CMs Nitish Kumar and Hemant Soren Speak on Joint Efforts Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

In a joint address in Ranchi, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren emphasized the importance of unity in ensuring the progress and development of the country. The two leaders addressed a gathering of supporters from their respective parties, the Janata Dal (United) and the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, and stressed the need for their parties to work together towards common goals.

Speaking at the event, Nitish Kumar stated that the country’s history will remain intact and the country will progress if everyone works together. He further added that the JD(U) and JMM are committed to ensuring that there are no disputes within the country and that everyone can live in peace and harmony.

Hemant Soren echoed Kumar’s sentiments, emphasizing that it is only by working together that they can achieve their goals. He stated that the JMM and JD(U) have a long history of cooperation, and they are committed to continuing this tradition to ensure the betterment of their respective states and the country as a whole.

The two leaders also spoke about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, with Nitish Kumar stating that the results will reflect the united efforts of their parties. He urged party workers to continue to work hard and reach out to people, emphasizing that their efforts will make a difference.

The joint address was met with enthusiasm from party supporters, who applauded the leaders’ calls for unity and cooperation. The event demonstrated the importance of political parties working together towards common goals and the potential benefits of such collaborations for the progress and development of the country.


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