Massive Recruitment Drive: CM Nitish Kumar’s Plan to Hire 2 Lakh Teachers

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced that his government plans to appoint 2 lakh school teachers in the state this year. This decision was made with the aim of improving the quality of education in Bihar, which has long struggled with high dropout rates and low literacy levels.

The announcement was made during a meeting of the State Cabinet, which was held on Thursday. According to Kumar, the recruitment process for these new teachers will begin soon, and the government is committed to ensuring that the entire process is transparent and free from any kind of corruption.

Kumar also stressed the need for quality education in the state, saying that it was essential for the overall development of Bihar. He added that the government was taking several other steps to improve the state’s education system, including the construction of new schools and the provision of better facilities for existing schools.

The announcement has been welcomed by many in Bihar, who have long been demanding better education facilities in the state. The state has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country, with just 63.8% of its population able to read and write. This figure is even lower among women, with just 53.3% literate.

Many hope that the appointment of 2 lakh new teachers will go a long way in improving the quality of education in Bihar and reducing dropout rates. The move is also expected to create employment opportunities for many young people in the state.

The government’s decision to appoint 2 lakh new teachers has been widely praised, with many calling it a bold and much-needed step toward improving education in Bihar.

However, some have also expressed concerns about the challenges that lie ahead, including ensuring that the recruitment process is fair and transparent, and providing adequate training and support to new teachers once they are appointed.

Despite these challenges, the government’s commitment to improving education in Bihar is a positive sign, and many are hopeful that this move will lead to long-term improvements in the state’s education system.


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