Congress Promises Financial Aid: Rs 2,000 per Month for Women, 10 Kg Rice for Every Family Member, and More!

In a recent roadshow in Vijayapura, Karnataka, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi announced a slew of promises that the party plans to implement if they come to power. One of the most notable promises made was the distribution of financial aid to the citizens of the country.

According to the Congress leader, if the party comes to power, every woman in the country will be given a monthly sum of Rs 2,000 as financial aid. Additionally, every family in the country will receive 200 units of electricity every month and 10 kg of rice per family member.

The most significant promise made by Rahul Gandhi was the distribution of financial aid to graduates and diploma holders. As per the announcement, every graduate will be given Rs 3,000 per month, while every diploma holder will be given Rs 1,500 per month.

The promises made by Rahul Gandhi have been received positively by many citizens, particularly those in Vijayapura. The Congress leader’s roadshow was well-attended, and he received a warm reception from the crowd.

It remains to be seen if the Congress party will come to power in the upcoming elections, but their promises have certainly caught the attention of the public. Many are eagerly awaiting the election results to see if the party can make good on their promises and deliver on the financial aid they have promised to distribute.


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