Cow Hug Day: An Inspiration To Celebrate The Love For Cows

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) is trying to bring back traditional Vedic culture and encouraging people to celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ on February 14th, instead of Valentine’s Day. The board has appealed to cow lovers to celebrate the day with a hug for the cow, which according to them, will bring emotional richness and increase individual and collective happiness.

The board has also condemned the influence of western culture on traditional Vedic culture, which it said is on the verge of extinction. Cow Hug Day is an effort to revive the glory of the ancient Vedic culture and bring back the culture of love and respect for cows.

The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has released a notice on Cow Hug Day
The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has released a notice on Cow Hug Day

While hugging a cow may seem like an unusual celebration, it is said to have immense benefits. Cows are believed to be very peaceful, kind, and loving animals and their presence is said to bring peace and serenity to the environment. Hugging them is said to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative energy. It is also said to strengthen one’s bond with nature and increase the sense of oneness.

The Animal Welfare Board of India is encouraging people to celebrate Cow Hug Day and urging them to participate in cow bathing, cow massage, cow feeding, and cow-meditating activities. All of these activities have immense spiritual and physical benefits.

How to Celebrate?

Celebrate Cow Hug Day by giving your favorite cow a big hug and a special treat. Show your appreciation for cows and their importance to the world by sharing your cow hug stories with friends and family.

This day is dedicated to showing love and appreciation for cows and recognizing their importance to the world. It is a day to appreciate their gentle nature and recognize the many benefits they can bring to the environment and to the people who rely on their milk for sustenance.

Cow Hug Day is not just a day to celebrate the love for cows but also a celebration of Vedic culture and its values. It is an effort to bring back the culture of love and respect for cows and to spread positive energy and happiness. So, let’s come together and celebrate Cow Hug Day!

Update: The government of India has withdrawn its appeal to celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ on February 14


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