CRPF Denied Aircraft by Govt: Former Governor’s Explosive Claim on Pulwama Attack

A controversial statement made by Satyapal Malik, former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, has caused a stir in political circles. In his statement, Malik accused the Indian government of incompetence and claimed that the Pulwama terror attack could have been averted if the government had provided the CRPF with aircraft for transportation.

According to Malik, the CRPF had requested aircraft to travel to their destination, but the government refused to provide them with the necessary transportation. This led to the soldiers having to travel by road, which made them vulnerable to attacks.

Malik went on to claim that when he raised this issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he was told to remain silent and not talk about it. This has led to questions being raised about the government’s handling of the situation and their preparedness in dealing with terror attacks.

The Pulwama attack, which took place in February 2019, saw a suicide bomber attack a convoy of CRPF soldiers, killing 40 and injuring many others. The attack was one of the deadliest in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, and it sent shockwaves throughout the country.

The statement by Malik has reignited the debate about the government’s handling of the situation, and many are calling for a thorough investigation into the matter. The government, on its part, has denied the allegations made by Malik and has stated that it has always been committed to the safety and security of the armed forces.

The controversy surrounding Malik’s statement is likely to continue for some time, and it remains to be seen how the government will respond to the accusations. The families of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack will be hoping that the truth about what happened is revealed and that steps are taken to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.


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