Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal Announces Conveners and Co-Conveners for States and UTs, Strengthens Outreach

Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal has announced the Conveners and Co-Conveners for various states and union territories of India. This move comes after the organization recently declared Steering Committees for all states and union territories.

The organization, which aims to promote the principles of Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma, has been gaining popularity in recent times. The appointment of Conveners and Co-Conveners for various regions is expected to further strengthen the organization’s outreach and activities.

In a statement, the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal expressed its gratitude to all the Conveners and Co-Conveners for accepting their responsibilities and pledged to work towards the betterment of society.

The organization also called upon all its members to extend their full support to the newly appointed Conveners and Co-Conveners in their respective states and union territories.

With the appointment of Conveners and Co-Conveners, the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal is poised to expand its reach and impact across the country.

From Himachal Pradesh to Assam, the table encompasses a wide range of states, providing insights into the dedicated convener and co-convener individuals leading these efforts. These individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating activities, fostering collaboration, and driving progress within their jurisdictions.

By consolidating this information, the table offers a comprehensive overview of the organizational structure and leadership landscape across different states in India. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the key figures involved in spearheading development and promoting synergy within diverse domains throughout the country.

Convener and co-convener

Following is the list of states of India and their corresponding convener and co-convener personnel. It highlights the individuals who play pivotal roles in organizing and facilitating various initiatives within their respective regions.

Himachal Pradesh Sh. Hira Lal Syal
Uttarakhand Sh. Pushkar Brat Agnihotri
Punjab Sh. Shashi pal Sharma Sh. Yuvraj Karan
Delhi Sh. O. P. Sharma Sh. Dharmender Bhardwaj
Haryana Sh. Kamal Rawat Col. Ajit Kumar Punia
Uttar Pradesh Wing Commander Pushkal Dwivedi (R.)
Bihar Sh. Suresh Dadriwal Sh. Pretish Krishna Sh. Gopal Panday
Jharkhand Sh. Anant Kumar Dubey Sh. Shantanu Singh
West Bengal Sh. Anindya Nandi Sh. Animesh Sen
Rajasthan Sh. Narendar Swami Sh. Tapan Shukla
Madhya Pradesh Sh. Sushil Shinde Smt. Saroj Patidar
Chhattisgarh Sh. Govind Naidu Sh. Rupesh Verma
Odisha Sh. Surath Roy
Gujarat Sh. Jayesh Jaiswal Sh. Vishal Sagar
Maharashtra & Goa Sh. Aditya Dhopatkar Adv. Braj Arya
Karnataka Sh. Satish Mylavarapu Sh. Girish R.
Telangana Adv. Ram Mohan Reddy Sh. Rajiv Shah
Andhra Pradesh Sh. SVR Murti Smt. Vani Sribhasyam
Tamil Nadu Sh. K. Harikrishan Sh. Pranav Ashwath
Assam Sh. Ranjit Das


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