Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal Launches to Fight for Dharma in 2024 Elections

In the party’s first press conference held tomorrow, Adv. Ankur Sharma, the Hon. President of Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal, announced the launch of the party with a mission to fight for Dharma in the upcoming 2024 Parliament elections. The party aims to fight for the rights of the people and work towards a better future for India.

During the press conference, Adv. Ankur Sharma talked about the abrogation of Art.370 and 35A and how it was later introduced through the back door. He also spoke about the domicile act passed by the Modi government, which only allows those who have been residing in Kashmir for more than 15 years to be given job opportunities.

Adv. Ankur Sharma also raised concerns about the second-largest majority taking benefits under the minority tag. He stated that the party would work towards ensuring that the rights of the majority are not compromised.

The launch of Ekam Sanatan Bharat has been met with mixed reactions from various sections of society. While some have welcomed the party’s mission to fight for Dharma, others have expressed concerns about the party’s stance on certain issues.

As the 2024 Parliament elections draw closer, it remains to be seen how the newly launched party will fare and what impact it will have on Indian politics.


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