Farmers Join Wrestlers in Protest: Demanding Justice and Reform

In a dramatic turn of events, farmers from various parts of the country broke through police barricades and joined the protesting wrestlers at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Monday.

The farmers, who had been demanding the repeal of three contentious farm laws for the past few months, expressed solidarity with the wrestlers who have been protesting for over 10 days.

The wrestlers have been demanding the arrest of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh and his removal from the post over allegations of sexual harassment by woman grapplers.

The protest has gained momentum in the past few days, with more and more wrestlers joining the movement.

The farmers, who arrived in Delhi as part of their ongoing agitation against the farm laws, were initially stopped at the entry barricades near Jantar Mantar.

However, some of them managed to climb over the barricades, which then fell down, and they made their way to the protest site.

Visuals from the protest site

The Delhi Police, who were deployed in large numbers to prevent any untoward incident, issued a statement saying that the protestors at Jantar Mantar were being facilitated and entry was being regulated through DFMD to ensure safety.

They also urged the protestors to remain peaceful and abide by the law. The presence of farmers at the protest site has added a new dimension to the ongoing movement, which has already drawn support from various sections of society.

The farmers, who have been camping at Delhi’s borders for the past six months, have been demanding the repeal of three farm laws passed by the government in September last year.

The protest by the wrestlers, who have accused the WFI chief of sexual harassment, has also raised questions about the safety and welfare of women in sports.

The movement has received widespread support from various quarters, with many people calling for strict action against those accused of sexual harassment.

The joining of forces by the farmers and wrestlers at Jantar Mantar is being seen as a show of strength against the government, which has been accused of ignoring the demands of various sections of society.

The protest is likely to continue until the demands of the wrestlers and farmers are met by the authorities.


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