First-Ever In Utero Brain Surgery Successful in Treating Rare Condition

The successful surgery was a first of its kind and offers hope for other babies diagnosed with VOGM in utero. Dr. Orbach explained that the procedure was particularly challenging because it required a delicate balance of inserting the coil while avoiding other blood vessels that could lead to bleeding in the baby’s brain.

The surgery was performed at Boston Children’s Hospital, which is renowned for its pioneering work in fetal surgery. Dr. Orbach worked with a team of specialists to perform the complex procedure, which took several hours. The team used advanced imaging techniques to guide the needle and ensure that the coil was placed accurately.

Denver Coleman was born healthy and has been receiving follow-up care at Boston Children’s Hospital. Her mother, Kelsey, expressed her gratitude and relief that the surgery was successful, saying, “It’s amazing what they can do now. We’re so grateful to the doctors who saved our daughter’s life.”

The success of this groundbreaking procedure offers hope for other babies with VOGM and other conditions that can be treated before birth. The team at Boston Children’s Hospital continues to push the boundaries of fetal surgery, paving the way for new treatments and improved outcomes for babies and their families.


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