India Warns Turkey to Refrain from Making Unsolicited Comments on India’s Internal Matters & Mind Its Own Business

Ankara, Turkey – In a recent development at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Turkey once again sided with Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. During the session, Turkey’s representative expressed concerns over the human rights violations taking place in the region and demanded an immediate end to the atrocities.

“India is violating human rights in Kashmir, and we call upon the international community to take immediate measures to address this issue,” said the Turkish representative.

Pakistan, which has been raising the Kashmir issue at international forums for several years, welcomed Turkey’s stance and thanked it for its support.

“We appreciate Turkey’s unwavering support on the issue of Kashmir. The people of Kashmir are suffering, and we urge the international community to take notice of India’s blatant disregard for human rights,” said the Pakistani representative.

However, India did not take kindly to Turkey’s comments and warned it to refrain from making unsolicited remarks on India’s internal matters.

“India rejects the reference to Jammu and Kashmir in the statement made by the representative of Turkey. We call upon Turkey to refrain from making such unconstructive comments and to respect India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said India’s representative.

India also accused Turkey of interfering in India’s internal matters and reminded it to focus on its own domestic issues.

“Turkey should mind its own business and address its own human rights violations before commenting on India’s internal affairs,” added India’s representative.

The Kashmir issue has been a long-standing point of contention between India and Pakistan, with both sides claiming the region in its entirety. The dispute has resulted in several wars between the two countries, with the international community urging both sides to resolve the matter peacefully through dialogue.

The UNHRC session provided yet another platform for both sides to present their case, with Turkey’s support for Pakistan adding another dimension to the ongoing conflict.


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