Kedarnath Yatra Disrupted as Bhairav Glacier Collapses, Pilgrims Await Clearance

In a shocking turn of events, the yatra to Kedarnath had to be halted on Thursday due to the breaking of the Bhairav Glacier. The incident occurred on the foot of the yatra, blocking the way between Bhairav Gadera and Kuber Gadera. As a result, the administration has banned all travel to the area and asked the pilgrims of Char Dham to stay put until further notice.

The news of the glacier breaking has caused concern among the pilgrims who were en route to Kedarnath. However, the local administration has assured that all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of the pilgrims. Rescue teams have been dispatched to the area, and efforts are underway to clear the debris and reopen the route.

The yatra to Kedarnath is one of the most revered pilgrimage routes in the country, attracting thousands of devotees every year. The breaking of the glacier has come as a setback for the pilgrims who were eagerly awaiting to visit the holy shrine.

The incident is a reminder of the fragile nature of the Himalayan region, which is prone to natural disasters like landslides, floods, and avalanches. The local authorities have urged the pilgrims to cooperate with the rescue teams and follow the safety protocols to avoid any untoward incidents.

The breaking of the Bhairav Glacier is a developing story, and the local administration is closely monitoring the situation. The pilgrims are advised to stay updated on the latest developments and plan their travel accordingly.


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