Kerala High Court Clarifies: ‘The Kerala Story’ Movie is Against ISIS, not Islam

In a recent development, the Kerala High Court observed that the upcoming movie “The Kerala Story” is not against Islam, but rather against the terrorist organization ISIS.

The teaser had claimed that over 32,000 women from Kerala were recruited to ISIS, which had sparked outrage and controversy across the state. The court’s statement comes after watching the movie trailer, which sheds light on the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of 32,000 women in the state.

The movie, directed by noted filmmaker Vipul Amrutlal Shah, is a fictionalized retelling of the events surrounding the mass disappearance of women in Kerala. The trailer of the movie has been receiving a lot of attention online for its gripping portrayal of the story.

The Kerala High Court has recently made a decision regarding the controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’. A division bench consisting of Justice N Nagaresh and Justice Mohammed Nias CP refused to issue a stay order on the film, despite a batch of petitions seeking to cancel its censor certificate.

The film has been a topic of debate and discussion, with some claiming that it portrays the state of Kerala and its people in a negative light. However, the court has chosen to uphold the decision of the censor board and allow the film to be screened, citing the importance of freedom of expression and artistic freedom.

The court stated that the movie does not aim to defame any particular religion or community, but rather to highlight the heinous crimes committed by ISIS against innocent people. The court also expressed hope that the movie will help in spreading awareness about the dangers of extremist ideologies and terrorism.

The trailer of “The Kerala Story” features a strong cast, including actors Rima Kallingal, Joju George, and Indrajith Sukumaran, among others. The movie promises to be a powerful portrayal of a dark chapter in Kerala’s history and a warning against the dangers of extremist ideologies.

The court’s observation comes at a time when there is a growing concern about the rise of radicalization and terrorism across the world. The movie “The Kerala Story” serves as a timely reminder of the need to remain vigilant against the threats posed by extremist groups and ideologies.

Overall, the Kerala High Court’s statement regarding the movie “The Kerala Story” is a welcome development that will hopefully put to rest any misconceptions or concerns about the movie’s content. The movie promises to be an important addition to the discourse surrounding terrorism and extremism and is definitely worth watching.


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