Manish Sisodia Questioned, Why the Central Govt. Proposed to Demolish 67 Ancient Temples in Delhi

In a move that has sparked outrage among the citizens of Delhi, the central government has sent a file to the Delhi government to demolish 67 ancient temples, 6 Mazars, and 1 gurudwara in the national capital.

The decision has been met with strong opposition from various political parties and religious groups, who are now urging the government to reconsider its decision.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s Manish Sisodia has strongly condemned the move, stating that development and modernization can be achieved without demolishing the ancient temples.

He further added that with the help of modern technology, the temples can be preserved and even made more beautiful.

The proposed demolition has raised concerns over the preservation of India’s rich cultural heritage and history. The temples, which are centuries-old, are not only a symbol of the city’s rich heritage but also hold significant religious and cultural importance for the people of Delhi.

Many religious groups and citizens have voiced their concerns over the central government’s decision to demolish the temples, stating that the BJP government is playing with the religious sentiments of the people.

The move has also been criticized for being a blatant disregard for the sentiments of the citizens, who have long held these temples as an integral part of their cultural identity.

The Delhi government has yet to make a final decision on the matter, and many are urging them to consider the sentiments of the people and work towards finding a solution that preserves the ancient temples while also ensuring the development of the city.

The issue is expected to spark further debate in the coming days as citizens continue to express their concerns over the proposed demolition.


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