Crucial Breakthrough: Bihar Police and SSB Apprehend Naxalite Nauka Hansda Alias Ravindra Hansda

In a significant breakthrough, the Bihar Police, in collaboration with the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), successfully apprehended the absconding Naxalite, Nauka Hansda, also known as Ravindra Hansda.

The arrest was made in the Garhi police station area, and it pertains to multiple cases under the Arms Act, Explosive Substances Act, and Naxal-related offenses.

Nauka Hansda, a prominent figure in Naxalite activities in the region, had been on the run for an extended period. The joint operation conducted by the Jamui Police and SSB marked a crucial step in the ongoing efforts to curb Naxal insurgency in the state.

The operation, led by senior police officials, was executed with precision and careful planning. Intelligence reports had suggested Nauka Hansda’s presence in the Garhi area, prompting the authorities to act swiftly. The collaborative efforts of the Jamui Police and SSB ensured the successful arrest of the wanted Naxalite.

The charges against Nauka Hansda include violations of the Arms Act, which pertains to illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, as well as offenses under the Explosive Substances Act, related to the possession and use of explosive materials.

Additionally, he faces charges directly linked to his involvement in Naxal activities, which have posed a longstanding security challenge in Bihar.

The arrest of Nauka Hansda has been hailed as a significant achievement in the ongoing battle against the Naxal insurgency in Bihar. It underscores the dedication and determination of the state’s law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and security in the region.

Further investigations are underway to gather more information about Nauka Hansda’s network and associates. The authorities are committed to ensuring that all individuals involved in Naxal-related activities face the full force of the law.

Speaking on the operation, a senior police official stated, “This arrest is a testament to the unwavering resolve of our police forces and the invaluable cooperation of the Sashastra Seema Bal. We will continue our efforts to dismantle Naxal networks in Bihar and bring all those involved in unlawful activities to justice.”

The successful joint operation to arrest Nauka Hansda sends a strong message that the state is determined to root out Naxalism and maintain law and order in Bihar. The authorities are expected to provide further updates as the investigation progresses.


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