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Neha Singh Rathore was born in 1997 in the Kaimur district, Bihar, India. From a young age, Neha was fascinated by the folk music of her region, especially Bhojpuri songs. She would often listen to music with her grandparents and sing along to the tunes.

Neha Singh Rathore, daughter of Ramesh Singh, comes from the Jaldahan village of Mahuwar council and Ramgarh Block in the Kaimur district of Bihar.

In a world that can sometimes seem dark and uncertain, Neha’s presence is a ray of sunshine, a beacon of hope that reminds us all of the power of the human spirit.

Her father, Ramesh Singh, can be rightfully proud of the incredible daughter he has raised, and the legacy of love, hope, and inspiration that she has created for generations to come.

Neha’s love for Bhojpuri music deepened as she grew older, and she became increasingly concerned about the direction the genre was taking.

She noticed that many contemporary Bhojpuri songs had become overly sexualized and vulgar, with little regard for the genre’s rich cultural heritage.

Neha was determined to do something about this and began performing traditional Bhojpuri folk songs in an effort to restore the genre’s honor.

In 2020, Neha gained significant attention for her rendition of “Bihar Mein Ka Ba,” which tackled social issues such as unemployment, corruption, and dowry. The song quickly went viral on social media and helped to establish Neha as a leading voice in the Bhojpuri music scene.

However, it was her song “UP Mein Ka Ba” that truly catapulted her to fame in 2022. Released ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the song once again tackled social issues such as corruption and politics and quickly gained widespread popularity.

In 2021, Neha took the next step in her personal life by marrying Himanshu Singh, a writer from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Despite her rising fame and hectic schedule, Neha has managed to keep her personal life private and out of the public eye.

Her marriage to Himanshu is a testament to her ability to balance her personal and professional lives while staying true to her values and beliefs. Despite her busy schedule, Neha remains committed to her mission of preserving Bhojpuri tradition and highlighting social issues through her music.

Thanks to her efforts, Neha has gained a significant following on social media. Her YouTube channel, which features her music videos and performances, has over 867,000 subscribers, and she has received a silver play button after hitting 100,000 subscribers.

Neha Singh Rathore’s passion for Bhojpuri music is matched only by her commitment to preserving its rich cultural heritage. She has been a leading voice in the genre for several years, using her platform to create music that not only entertains but also promotes traditional Bhojpuri values and tackles important social issues.

Talking to the media, Neha spoke about her passion for Bhojpuri music and her desire to use her art to create positive change. She emphasized the importance of preserving the genre’s cultural heritage while also highlighting the social issues facing her community.

Neha’s commitment to promoting Bhojpuri culture and social change through her music has made her a role model for many. Her fans appreciate her authenticity and dedication, and she continues to inspire and entertain with her powerful voice and meaningful lyrics.

Neha’s social media profiles are filled with messages of support and admiration from fans who appreciate her commitment to preserving Bhojpuri culture and highlighting important social issues.


Neha Singh Rathore
Neha Singh Rathore

The controversial figure of Neha Singh Rathore, renowned for her powerful folk singing “Ka Ba” genre season 2, has once again stirred up a storm.

This time, the BJP-led Yogi government has trained its sights on her, with a police notice being sent her way in the aftermath of the Kanpur Dehat fire incident.

UP Me Ka Ba Season – 2 Song highlighting Kanpur Dehat incident

Neha Singh Rathore has been no stranger to controversy, having been known to use her music as a platform to criticize the government and hold up a mirror to its failings.

Her fiery lyrics have often spoken truth to power, earning her a large following among those who feel disenfranchised and disenchanted with the status quo.

However, this latest move by the government has raised questions about the limits of artistic expression and free speech in a democracy. Critics have accused the government of trying to silence dissenting voices, using its power to intimidate and harass those who dare to speak out.

In a recent conversation with Bihar Tak, Neha Singh Rathore did not shy away from controversy, taking aim at Tejashwi Yadav and criticizing the government’s handling of student protests.

Her words once again reignited the debate around the role of artists and musicians in shaping public opinion and challenging the powers that be.

The controversy surrounding Neha Singh Rathore shows no signs of abating anytime soon, with both her supporters and detractors locked in a bitter war of words.

As the battle rages on, it remains to be seen what the future holds for this fiery folk singer, and whether she will continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression and political activism.


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