Congress Claims Political Vendetta: Pawan Khera De-Planed from Flight to Raipur for ‘Unknown Reasons’

In a surprising turn of events, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera was reportedly de-planed from a flight to Raipur for unknown reasons. This incident comes after Khera’s controversial remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s father, which sparked a massive backlash.

According to sources, Khera was scheduled to take a flight to Raipur from Delhi earlier today. However, he was asked to de-board the plane just before takeoff. The reason behind his sudden removal from the flight remains unknown.

While talking to the media Pawan Khera expressed his frustration stating “I was informed that there had been a complication concerning my luggage, despite the fact that I had only brought a single handbag. When I came down from the flight, I was informed that my progress is barred. Then it was said, DCP will meet you. I’ve been waiting for a long time. There is no trace of rules, laws, and reasons.”

The Congress party has claimed that Khera’s de-planing is a political move by the ruling BJP government. They allege that the government is using its power to suppress the voice of the opposition.

Pawan Khera asking the reason behind de-planing him

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala issued a statement, saying, “The BJP government is afraid of Pawan Khera’s powerful voice. That is why they are resorting to such tactics to silence him. This is an attack on democracy, and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

Meanwhile, BJP leaders have denied any involvement in Khera’s removal from the flight.

This incident comes just days after Khera landed in hot water for his remarks against PM Modi’s father. During a TV debate, Khera had made derogatory comments about the prime minister’s father, which sparked outrage across the political spectrum.

The BJP had demanded an apology from Khera, which he later issued. However, the incident has continued to dominate the news cycle, with both parties trading barbs over the matter.

With Khera’s de-planing, the controversy has taken a new turn, with the Congress party alleging political vendetta by the ruling BJP government. The incident has raised questions about the freedom of speech in the country and the government’s role in suppressing dissenting voices.


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