PM Modi Accuses Congress of Shielding Terrorism Over Film Controversy

In a recent address in Ballari, Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made scathing remarks against the Congress party for opposing the film ‘The Kerala Story‘, which is based on a terror conspiracy. The film is said to expose the ugly truth of terrorism and the design of terrorists.

According to PM Modi, the Congress party is standing with terror tendencies and has shielded terrorism for the sake of its vote bank. He expressed surprise at the party’s decision to succumb to terrorism and questioned whether such a party could ever save Karnataka.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of security, law, and order in making Karnataka the number one state in the country. He also stressed the need for the state to remain free from terrorism, which he said was equally important for the growth of industries, IT, agriculture, farming, and the state’s glorious culture.

PM Modi further stated that the BJP has always been tough against terrorism, but the Congress party gets a stomach ache whenever action is taken against terrorism. His remarks came amidst controversy surrounding the release of the film, which has been opposed by the Congress party.

The film, ‘The Kerala Story’, has been garnering attention for its portrayal of a terror conspiracy and the impact of terrorism on society. It remains to be seen how the controversy surrounding the film will unfold, but PM Modi’s remarks have certainly added fuel to the fire.


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