Pro-Khalistan Leader Amritpal Singh Warns Administration After Aide’s Arrest, Ultimatum to cancel the case in 1hr

In Punjab, India, tensions have risen as supporters of the pro-Khalistan organization ‘Waris Punjab De’ have taken to the streets to protest the recent arrest of one of their aides. The protest quickly turned violent, with thousands of angry individuals surrounding the police station in Amritsar armed with guns, swords, and sticks.

In the aftermath of the violent protest by supporters of the pro-Khalistan organization ‘Waris Punjab De’ in Punjab, the group’s chief, Amritpal Singh, issued a warning to the administration.

Speaking to the media, Singh claimed that the arrest of their aide was politically motivated, and the FIR registered against him was baseless. He warned that if the case was not canceled within an hour, the administration would be held responsible for any untoward incident that might occur.

Ultimatum to cancel the case in 1 hour

Singh also defended the use of force during the protest, stating that it was necessary to show the administration that the group was not powerless and could take action when necessary. The warning has added to the already tense situation in Punjab, and authorities are monitoring the situation closely.

The aide in question, whose identity has not been disclosed, was reportedly arrested by the police in connection with a criminal case. However, supporters of ‘Waris Punjab De’ have disputed the charges and claimed that the arrest was politically motivated.

The protest began in the early hours of the morning, with a large number of people gathering outside the police station in question. As the day progressed, the crowds swelled, and tensions began to escalate.

Many of the protestors were seen wielding weapons, including guns, swords, and sticks, as they chanted slogans in support of the pro-Khalistan movement.

Police officials, who were vastly outnumbered, attempted to maintain order and prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. The situation remains tense, and a heavy police presence has been deployed in the area to prevent further violence.

The incident has sparked concerns among officials, who fear that it could lead to further unrest in the region. The pro-Khalistan movement has a long history in Punjab and has been associated with several acts of violence in the past. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation and have urged calm and restraint from all sides.

The Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, has appealed to the protestors to maintain peace and not resort to violence. He has also assured that the law will take its course, and the arrest will be thoroughly investigated.

The incident highlights the delicate political situation in Punjab and the need for dialogue and engagement to address the concerns of all parties involved. The authorities have called for a peaceful resolution to the current impasse and have appealed to all parties to refrain from any actions that could lead to further violence and unrest.


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