Outrage in Bhubaneswar: Youth Protest Against Love Jihad After Tragic Incident Shakes Odisha

Bhubaneswar, May 29, 2023: On Sunday, May 28, a group of youths took to the streets of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, to voice their concern over the rising issue of love jihad in the state. The protest was sparked by a recent tragic incident involving a young woman named Gopa Panda from Balasore.

Gopa Panda, a post-graduate student, became a victim of what is believed to be a case of love jihad. She had fallen in love with a man named Manan Ali Khan, who had reportedly failed his Class X examinations.

Gopa Panda's Heartbreaking Journey: Love Jihad Claims a Life, Manan Ali Khan Remains at Large
Gopa Panda’s Heartbreaking Journey: Love Jihad Claims a Life, Manan Ali Khan Remains at Large

Despite strong opposition from her parents, Gopa went ahead and converted to Islam before marrying Manan Ali Khan. However, the situation took a grim turn as Gopa’s lifeless body was discovered, and Manan Ali Khan has since gone into hiding.

The news of this love jihad case spread like wildfire, prompting the concerned youths to stage a protest against this alarming phenomenon. They raised slogans denouncing love jihad and carried placards with messages such as “Save Hindu girls” and “Love Jihad will not be tolerated on Lord Jagannath’s land.”

One of the protesters, as reported by Odisha TV, expressed their shock, saying, “We recently watched The Kerala Story, but never thought such an incident would happen in our neighborhood, that too on the outskirts of the capital city, Bhubaneswar. We strongly oppose Love Jihad. We demand strong action against the accused in the Khordha case and urge the administration to find out who are the masterminds behind such incidents.”

The protest came in the wake of another love jihad case in the state involving a 27-year-old Hindu girl. The victim had filed a complaint with the Khordha Model Police station, alleging that a youth had manipulated her into converting to Islam by falsely promising marriage.

The girl claimed to have been in a relationship with the accused for eight years, during which he concealed his true identity. He reportedly exploited her, threatened to release explicit videos, and maintained physical relations against her will.

The protest serves as a wake-up call to the authorities and society at large, highlighting the urgent need to address the issue of love jihad. The protesters demanded swift action against the accused in the Khordha case and called for an investigation into the individuals responsible for orchestrating such incidents.

Law enforcement agencies are now tasked with thoroughly investigating both cases and bringing the culprits to justice. The incident has once again ignited a nationwide debate on the issue of love jihad and the protection of vulnerable individuals from exploitation and forced conversions.

Authorities are urged to take immediate steps to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety and security of all individuals in the state of Odisha. The protest serves as a reminder that communities must come together to protect the rights and well-being of every individual, irrespective of their religious or cultural background.


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