Rahul Gandhi Applauds PM Modi’s Speech in Parliament Despite Opposition Criticism

In a rare political move, the leader of the opposition, Rahul Gandhi, was seen applauding enthusiastically after Prime Minister Narendra Modi finished delivering his speech in Parliament on Wednesday.

Gandhi was the only opposition leader seen clapping throughout the Prime Minister’s speech. He only stopped when his colleagues in the opposition told him something.

The move surprised many as the government and opposition parties have often been at odds with each other, particularly during the recent no-confidence motion against the government.

Gandhi’s spontaneous gesture of appreciation appeared to be a sign of respect for the Prime Minister and his government’s efforts in the face of challenging times.

Rahul Gandhi’s Reaction to PM Modi’s speech

The incident attracted the attention of social media users who lauded Gandhi’s gesture as a sign of maturity and respect for the Prime Minister.

The gesture was received well by the Prime Minister who thanked Gandhi for his support.

It remains to be seen if this incident will lead to a more cordial relationship between the government and the opposition parties in the future.


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