Standing Up for Freedom of Speech Indian Judiciary Supports Folk Singer Neha Singh Rathore

In recent years, social media has become a powerful tool for people to express their opinions and raise their voices on important issues.

However, the use of social media has also exposed individuals to potential backlash and intimidation from authorities who may disagree with their views.

This is precisely what happened to Neha Singh Rathore, a folk singer who received a notice from the Uttar Pradesh Police for her critical comments on the Kanpur Dehat incident.

Neha Singh Rathore took to social media to express her frustration and pain regarding the notice she received from the Uttar Pradesh Police.

In her post, she highlighted the mental pressure and intimidation that she and her family have been facing since the notice was issued.

She questioned the legality of the notice and sought answers regarding the responsibility for the pain that she and her family are going through.

Fortunately for Neha Singh Rathore, she received support from a prominent figure in the Indian judiciary, former Supreme Court Judge Mr. Markandey Katju.

Mr. Katju called the notice sent to Neha Singh Rathore illegal and reassured her that the Indian judiciary is standing with her in favor of justice.

This support from a prominent legal figure provided Neha Singh Rathore with the confidence and reassurance she needed to continue to speak out.

The incident involving Neha Singh Rathore highlights the importance of freedom of speech and the need to protect individuals who exercise their right to express their opinions.

Social media provides a platform for individuals to share their views and engage in meaningful conversations with others. However, this also exposes them to potential backlash and intimidation from authorities who may not agree with their views.

It is essential that individuals are protected and given the freedom to express their opinions without fear of retribution. Governments and authorities must respect the rights of individuals to free speech and take measures to protect those who exercise this right.

The Indian judiciary’s support for Neha Singh Rathore sends a powerful message that the legal system is standing with individuals who seek justice and fairness.

In conclusion, the incident involving Neha Singh Rathore serves as a reminder of the power of social media to bring attention to important issues and the need to protect individuals who express their opinions.

The support provided by the Indian judiciary is a positive step towards ensuring that individuals are protected and given the freedom to express their views without fear of retribution.

It is essential that governments and authorities take measures to protect the right to free speech and promote a culture of openness and transparency.


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