UN Warns Abandoned Super Tanker Carrying One Million Barrels of Oil in Red Sea Could Explode or Sink, Posing a Severe Threat to Four Countries

After eight long years, the abandoned super tanker vessel in the Red Sea, which was carrying one million barrels of oil, has now become a ticking time bomb, according to the United Nations. Moored off Yemen’s Red Sea coast, the FSO Safer is a supertanker in an advanced state of decay that will sink or explode if the world does not act. It would cost $20 billion to clean up. The UN is ready to stage an emergency operation.

The incident took place in 2015 when Yemen abandoned the supertanker vessel named FSO Safer, which had been stationed off the coast of the war-torn country. The vessel had been loaded with one million barrels of oil, and since then, it has been sitting in the Red Sea, unattended and deteriorating with time.

Now, the United Nations has sounded the alarm bells over the vessel, warning that it could explode or sink at any time. The situation has raised concerns for the safety of the Red Sea’s marine life, coastal communities, and international shipping lanes, as the vessel is located near one of the world’s busiest shipping routes.

Moreover, the potential oil spill from the tanker could cause an environmental catastrophe, severely affecting the marine ecosystem and the livelihoods of millions of people in the region.

The UN has called for urgent action to be taken to prevent the disaster. The organization has proposed several solutions, including the immediate repair of the vessel, the transfer of the oil to a safer location, or the safe removal of the oil from the vessel.

The situation is particularly dire for Yemen, which is already facing a severe humanitarian crisis due to years of conflict and political instability. The potential oil spill from the tanker could worsen the situation for the country, causing further damage to its economy, environment, and people’s health.

In conclusion, the situation with the abandoned super tanker vessel in the Red Sea is a ticking time bomb that could cause widespread damage to four countries, including Yemen. It is crucial that urgent action is taken to prevent a disaster, and the international community must work together to find a solution before it’s too late.


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