The Supreme Court Rejects Petition to Form ‘Renaming Commission’

On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by lawyer Ashwini Upadhyay seeking directions to the Central government to form a ‘Renaming Commission’. The purpose of the Commission would be to restore the original names of ancient historical, cultural, and religious places that were changed by foreign invaders.

The plea was filed by Upadhyay on February 12, 2023, just days after the Mughal Garden in New Delhi was renamed Amrit Udyan. However, the apex court bench of Justices KM Joseph and BV Nagarathna dismissed the PIL and questioned the motive behind it. They stated that it would bring up issues that “would keep the country on the boil”.

When Upadhyay asked the court why history should start only after Ghazni-Ghori and what Aurangazeb’s relationship was with India, the bench made the remark. Upadhyay argued that Constitutional protections should not be given to foreign invaders and that renaming such structures is necessary because Hindus have become a minority in many historical places.

— Upadhyay & SC

However, sensing that the bench was not inclined to entertain the matter, Upadhyay sought permission to withdraw the petition with the liberty to file a representation before the Ministry of Home Affairs. The bench refused to allow such a course to be adopted.

Overall, the Supreme Court has rejected the petition to form a ‘Renaming Commission’ and restore the original names of historical places changed by foreign invaders. The Court has questioned the motives of the petitioner and stated that such issues will only cause further division in the country.


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