Supriya Shrinate Demands Transparency in Pawan Khera’s De-Planing Incident

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera was de-planed from the flight to Raipur at Delhi airport. Supriya Shrinate, the party’s spokesperson and a former journalist from Uttar Pradesh, has demanded a clear explanation for Khera’s sudden deplaning from the aircraft.

In a statement released today, Shrinate voiced her concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in Khera’s de-planing, stating that it was imperative to know the reasons behind such a move.

“We need to know the exact sections of the constitution and reasons behind Pawan Khera’s sudden removal from the flight,” Shrinate said.

Supriya Srinate alleged BJP for dictatorship

She further emphasized that Khera’s removal was not only a violation of his fundamental rights but also an attack on freedom of speech and expression.

“Pawan Khera’s de-planing sends a chilling message to anyone who dares to speak up against the ruling party. It is an attempt to silence dissenting voices and curb the opposition’s right to question the government,” she added.

Shrinate’s demand for clarity on the matter comes amidst a heated political climate, with both the Congress and the BJP trading barbs over the incident. The Congress party has alleged political vendetta by the ruling BJP government.

Party members started protesting at the Delhi airport

As the controversy continues to unfold, many are calling for a thorough investigation into the matter to uncover the truth behind Khera’s de-planing. Shrinate’s demand for answers is a crucial step towards achieving transparency and accountability in this matter.


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