Swami Ramdev Demands Immediate Arrest of Wrestling Association President for Alleged Misbehavior with Wrestlers’ Daughters

May 27, 2023 – Bhilwara, India – In a shocking turn of events, renowned Yog Guru Swami Ramdev has made a strong statement against Brij Bhushan Singh, the President of the Wrestling Association and BJP Member of Parliament. Swami Ramdev demanded the immediate arrest of Singh, alleging that he had misbehaved with the daughters of wrestlers and should be held accountable for his actions.

Addressing a gathering in Bhilwara, Swami Ramdev expressed his concern over the alleged misbehavior of Brij Bhushan Singh, stating, “The president of the wrestling association, who misbehaved with the daughters of wrestlers, should be immediately arrested and put behind bars. He is still talking nonsense with his mouth raised every day, which is condemnable.”

The Yoga Guru’s statement has caused a stir among the wrestling community and the local population, as they demand a thorough investigation into the allegations against Singh. Swami Ramdev’s strong stance against the BJP MP and Wrestling Association President has garnered significant attention, with many supporting his call for swift action.

The Wrestling Association has not yet responded to the allegations made by Swami Ramdev or issued a public statement regarding the matter. However, local authorities have taken note of the serious nature of the accusations and have assured the public that a thorough investigation will be conducted to determine the veracity of the claims.

Political commentators believe that Swami Ramdev’s statement against Brij Bhushan Singh could have far-reaching implications for both the wrestling community and the political landscape in the region. The wrestling fraternity, which has a significant influence in Bhilwara, is closely watching the developments surrounding this incident.

As the news of Swami Ramdev’s statement spreads, pressure mounts on the authorities to take prompt action and ensure justice is served if the allegations are proven true. The Wrestling Association President’s reputation hangs in the balance, while the victims and their families await a resolution to their grievances.

The coming days will likely witness further developments in this case as investigations commence and the public awaits an official response from the Wrestling Association and the concerned authorities.


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