Tina Dabi Biography: Civil Service Qualification, DM of Jaisalmer

Tina Dabi, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, gained prominence as the first-ever Dalit woman to top the prestigious civil services examination in 2015.

In the realm of civil service, where dedication, intellect, and unwavering resolve coalesce, Tina Dabi stands as a paragon of excellence.

Recently appointed as the District Magistrate of Jaisalmer, her ascent to this prestigious role exemplifies her remarkable journey and her indomitable spirit.

Born into a family that valued education and public service, Tina’s father’s distinguished career as an Indian Engineering Services (IES) officer kindled in her a deep admiration for civil service.

This familial inspiration, coupled with her own innate drive, propelled her toward her goal of becoming a catalyst for positive change.

Tina Dabi’s achievements, however, extend far beyond her familial background. Hailing from a reserved caste, she emerged triumphant, undeterred by the hurdles that may have crossed her path.

Her resolute determination and unwavering commitment to her dreams propelled her forward, regardless of the obstacles in her way.

Her exceptional intelligence and dedication are best epitomized by her remarkable performance in the civil services examination.

With an awe-inspiring score of 195, Tina’s academic prowess and well-rounded knowledge captured the attention of the nation.

Her exceptional result is a testament to her unwavering focus, meticulous preparation, and profound understanding of the challenges and responsibilities that lay ahead.

Tina Dabi’s qualification for the coveted civil service signifies not only her intellectual prowess but also her deep-rooted compassion and concern for the welfare of the people.

Tina Dabi was previously married to a Kashmiri Muslim, Athar Aamir Khan, also an IAS officer, who secured the second rank in the same examination. They got married in 2018 but unfortunately ended their marriage in 2021.

Following her separation from Athar Aamir Khan, Tina Dabi found love again and tied the knot with her second husband, Pradeep Gawande, who is also an IAS officer. They got married in 2022 and are currently enjoying their married life together.

As the District Magistrate of Jaisalmer, she now assumes the mantle of leadership, entrusted with the responsibility to shape the destinies of countless lives.

It is in this capacity that her true character will shine through, as she combines her innate grace, sharp intellect, and compassionate heart to address the multifaceted issues facing her district.

As we marvel at Tina Dabi’s accomplishments, it is essential to acknowledge that her journey represents more than just personal triumph.

She has become an emblem of hope for countless aspiring civil servants, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Her success serves as a resounding affirmation that with hard work, determination, and unwavering spirit, one can transcend societal barriers and achieve greatness.

In Tina Dabi, we witness a beacon of grace and achievement, radiating brilliance in all that she undertakes.

Her appointment as the District Magistrate of Jaisalmer heralds a new chapter in her extraordinary journey, one where she will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the lives of those she serves.


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