Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde Faces Grilling Over Censorship & Election Interference Ahead of India’s 2024 Polls

Twitter’s former policy head Vijaya Gadde faced tough questions on censorship and election interface by big tech giants during a discussion. The discussion focused on the role of big tech giants in the upcoming Indian elections in 2024, and the potential for foreign meddling in the elections.

Gadde, who is now a partner at the San Francisco-based investment firm, Coatue Management, discussed the importance of understanding the nuances of the Indian political landscape and the need for tech companies to be aware of the potential risks involved in operating in the Indian market.

She stressed the need to have a thorough understanding of Indian laws, regulations, and political sensitivities in order to ensure elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Gadde spoke on the need for tech companies to ensure their policies are in compliance with Indian laws, and that they are sensitive to the local context. She highlighted the need for companies to put in place safeguards and safeguards processes to protect users from malicious actors, and to ensure that user safety is not compromised.

Gadde also discussed the need for tech companies to be transparent about their policies and how they are implemented. She said that it is important for tech companies to be aware of the potential for misuse of their platforms and to ensure that users are informed about the potential for misuse and how to use their platforms responsibly.

Gadde also discussed the importance of being aware of the role of foreign actors in the Indian elections and the need for tech companies to take a proactive stance to ensure that their platforms are not used to interfere in the electoral process.

The discussion highlighted the need for tech companies to be aware of the potential risks when operating in the Indian market and to be proactive in ensuring that their policies are compliant with Indian laws and regulations.

With the upcoming elections in 2024, it is important for tech companies to be aware of the potential for foreign interference and to take measures to ensure user safety and transparency.


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