Vishnu Shankar Jain Raises Concerns Over the Disputed Birthplace of Lord Krishna

In a recent statement, Adv. Vishnu Shankar Jain has drawn attention to the ongoing court case regarding the birthplace of Lord Krishna. According to Jain, this case is stronger than the previous court case regarding the birthplace of Lord Ram.

Jain stated that there is a document proving the purchase of the property and the existence of a temple at the same location. This document, along with the beliefs, faith, and devotion associated with the place, serves as evidence for the importance of the location to Hindus.

Jain also mentioned that the Marathas had won a war in the battle of Govardhan, and Raja Patnimal had bought the place in an auction, both of which serve as further proof of the location’s significance to Hindus.

However, despite these facts and documents, the birthplace of Lord Krishna remains in dispute. Jain questions why Hindus are not raising their voices collectively to reclaim their birthplace, and where they are weakening in their efforts.

Jain went on to explain that the temple at the location had been demolished by Aurangzeb, who ordered the construction of a mosque in its place. Jain stated that there is also a document proving this order.

Jain’s statement has sparked a debate about the importance of religious places and their preservation. It remains to be seen how this case will progress and what action will be taken to reclaim the birthplace of Lord Krishna.


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