Government Withdraws Appeal to Celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ on Valentine’s Day

The government has withdrawn its appeal to celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ on February 14, after receiving a wave of criticism from left-wing activists over social media.

The initiative had been launched with the intention of promoting animal welfare but was widely condemned by left-wing activists who argued that cows should not be treated as objects of entertainment.

Government of India Orders to Withdraws Appeal to Celebrate 'Cow Hug Day' on Valentine's Day
Government of India Orders to Withdraw Appeal to Celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ on Valentine’s Day

The government has now withdrawn the appeal and released a statement saying: “As directed by the Competent Authority and Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying the appeal issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India for the celebration of Cow Hug Day on 14th February 2023 stands withdrawn.”

The statement goes on to say that the government will be developing a new strategy to promote animal welfare, which will focus on education, responsible pet ownership, and responsible farming practices.

The decision to withdraw the appeal has been welcomed by left-wing activists, who have praised the government for taking the initiative seriously and for taking the concerns of the animal welfare community into consideration.


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