Indian Youth Congress Workers Detained as ‘Save Indian Democracy’ Torch Light March Faces Police Action in Bengaluru

In a show of solidarity, hundreds of Youth Congress workers in Bengaluru, Karnataka, led a ‘Save Indian Democracy’ Torch Light – Mashaal Jaloos on Saturday evening. The march was held to protest against the recent action taken on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by the government.

The Youth Congress workers, who were carrying torches and banners, marched through the streets of Bengaluru shouting slogans against the government’s actions. They demanded that the government respect democracy and stop its efforts to stifle the voices of opposition leaders.

However, the peaceful march was cut short when the Karnataka police detained several Indian Youth Congress workers for allegedly violating section 144 of the Indian Penal Code, which prohibits the gathering of more than four people in public places.

The Congress workers strongly condemned the police action and called it an attempt to suppress their voices. They accused the government of using the police force to silence the opposition and intimidate its leaders.

Despite the setback, the Youth Congress workers remained undeterred and vowed to continue their fight for democracy. They urged the government to listen to the voice of the people and respect their democratic right to protest.

The ‘Save Indian Democracy’ Torch Light – Mashaal Jaloos has received widespread support from various sections of society. People have taken to social media to express their solidarity with the Congress workers and their demand for democracy.

Indian Youth Congress Workers save Indian democracy torchlight march in Bengaluru

The incident has once again raised concerns about the state of democracy in India and the government’s attitude towards the opposition. It remains to be seen how the government responds to the growing chorus of voices demanding greater respect for democratic values and the rights of citizens.


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