Hate Preacher and Radical Zakir Naik Arrested in Oman, Being Flown to India

In a significant development in the fight against terrorism, hate preacher and terrorist Zakir Naik has been arrested in Oman and is being flown to India. Naik, who has long been known for his incendiary rhetoric and calls to violence, has inspired Muslims to attack non-Muslims in many countries, including India and Bangladesh.

Naik, a Malaysian national, has been on the run for several years, facing charges of money laundering and inciting terrorism in India. The Indian government had sought his extradition from Malaysia, but the Malaysian government refused, citing a lack of evidence.

However, it seems that Naik’s luck has run out. According to sources, Naik was arrested by Omani authorities on Sunday, following a tip-off from Indian intelligence agencies. He was reportedly trying to flee the country to avoid arrest.

The Omani authorities have been tight-lipped about Naik’s arrest, but Indian officials have confirmed that he is being flown to India on Monday. He is expected to be handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is investigating several cases against him.

Naik, who is the founder of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), has been accused of radicalizing Muslim youth and inspiring them to join terrorist organizations. He has also been accused of funding terrorist activities and laundering money through his NGO.

Naik’s speeches, which are widely available on social media platforms, have been criticized for promoting hatred and intolerance towards non-Muslims. In one of his speeches, he reportedly said that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”, and in another, he compared the US to a “sick man”.

The Indian government banned the IRF in 2016, citing its links to terrorism. Since then, Naik has been living in Malaysia, which had granted him permanent residency.

Naik’s arrest is a significant development in the fight against terrorism, and it is expected to have a chilling effect on other hate preachers and extremist elements. It also sends a strong message to those who believe they can evade justice by fleeing to other countries.

Indian officials have expressed their gratitude to the Omani authorities for their cooperation in arresting Naik. They have also assured the public that Naik will be brought to justice and held accountable for his actions.


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