Groundbreaking Cybercrime Investigation Tool Developed to Track and Convict Cybercriminals Targeting Humans

IIT Kanpur cybercrime solution

In a significant stride towards combating cybercrime in India, a revolutionary investigation tool known as the TTPs (tactics, techniques, and …

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Controversy Erupts as Rajasthan Congress Government Accidentally Exposes Personal Information of Over 10,000 Women and Daughters

Privacy threat in Rajasthan

In a major breach of privacy, the Congress-led government in Rajasthan has unwittingly disclosed the personal information of more than …

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Union Cabinet Approves Personal Data Protection Bill 2023: Empowering Privacy Rights

India Approves Personal Data Protection Bill 2023: A Landmark Step towards Privacy Rights

New Delhi, July 6, 2023: In a significant development, the Union Cabinet gave its nod to the draft of the …

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