Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti: A Great Poet and Saint to be Remembered Forever

Goswami Tulsidas

India’s rich cultural tapestry is interwoven with the threads of countless luminaries who have left an indelible mark on its …

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Kannauj Perfume: India’s Perfume Capital’s Fragrant Legacy

Perfume making in Kannauj

India, a land of diverse traditions and rich cultural heritage, is home to a myriad of ancient arts and crafts …

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Bihar Bandhu: First Hindi Newspaper of Bihar (1872) – A Glimpse into History, Legacy, and Cultural Heritage

बिहार बंधु (Bihar Bandhu), the Bihar's first hindi newspaper

In the rich tapestry of Bihar’s history, an iconic name stands as a symbol of journalistic innovation and cultural resurgence …

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Controversy Surrounding ‘Adipurush’: Neha Singh Rathore’s Song and Manoj Muntashir’s Inconsistent Statements Stir Up Debate

Neha Singh Rathore's Song on 'Adipurush' Raises Controversy, Manoj Muntashir Faces Criticism

In a recent turn of criticism surrounding the highly anticipated film ‘Adipurush,’ popular folk singer Neha Singh Rathore has released …

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Heena (Mehandi): Exploring the Origins, Cultural Significance, Therapeutic Effects, and Health Benefits of this Ancient Body Art

Contemporary Mehandi Art

Mehandi, also known as Henna, is a traditional art form that has captivated cultures across the globe for centuries. Its …

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Breaking Stereotypes: The Inspiring Story of Madhavan, A Chennai-Based Engineer | The Power of Priorities

Madhavan, a Channai based IITian

How Madhavan’s dedication to temple service fuels his professional success. Madhavan, a young engineer from IIT Madras, has proven that …

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Kulhad or Kulhar – The Eco-Friendly and Traditional Cup


In India, tea and coffee have always been an integral part of our culture. And when it comes to serving …

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Varna System: A Cornerstone of Hinduism’s Social Structure | Varna in Hinduism and Its Significance

All the four Varnas of Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma

Varna, often referred to as the Indian caste system, is an ancient Hindu social order based on the belief that …

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Cow Hug Day: An Inspiration To Celebrate The Love For Cows

Hugging cow on 14 February Cow Hug Day

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) is trying to bring back traditional Vedic culture and encouraging people to celebrate …

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Magh Mela: A Celebration Of Devotion and Faith in Prayagraj, at the Sangam, Uttar Pradesh

Magh Mela-A Celebration Of Devotion and Faith in Prayagraj

Magh Mela is an important Hindu festival celebrated in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. It is held on the banks of the …

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