Ex-Odisha Deputy Speaker Rama Chandra Panda Resigns from BJD, Alleges Communication Gap with Party Leadership

In a surprising move Ex-Odisha Deputy Speaker Rama Chandra Panda Resigns from BJD, Alleges Lack of Audience with Party Chief, Rama Chandra Panda, the former Deputy Speaker of Odisha, has tendered his resignation from the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD). The resignation comes amid claims of being unable to secure an audience with the party supremo, Naveen Patnaik, for the past 15 days.

In a scathing resignation letter addressed to Naveen Patnaik, Panda expressed his frustration over the alleged lack of opportunity to meet with the BJD chief despite repeated attempts.

Panda highlighted his concerns about the party’s approach, accusing it of offering superficial higher positions to individuals while disregarding their freedom and self-respect.

In his resignation letter, Panda emphasized the importance of maintaining dignity and integrity in political engagements. He underscored the need for parties to uphold the principles of democracy and respect the aspirations of their members.

The allegations raised by Panda against the BJD’s leadership have spread debates regarding the internal dynamics and decision-making processes within the party. While the BJD is yet to issue an official statement in response to Panda’s resignation, political analysts speculate that this development could have broader implications for the party’s future trajectory.

Panda’s decision to resign from the BJD underscores the challenges faced by political parties in maintaining cohesion and addressing the grievances of their members.


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