India’s Agni Prime Lights Up the Night: Successful Pre-Induction Launch Marks Milestone Achievement

Odisha, June 7, 2023 – In a major achievement for India’s defense capabilities, the first pre-induction night launch of the New Generation Ballistic Missile Agni Prime was successfully conducted off the coast of Odisha. This significant milestone comes after three successful developmental trials of the missile, further validating its accuracy and reliability.

The launch, witnessed by senior officials from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the Strategic Forces Command, marks a crucial step towards the induction of the Agni Prime missile system into the Indian Armed Forces. The successful flight test has instilled confidence in the system’s capabilities, reinforcing India’s strategic deterrence capabilities.

Range instrumentation systems, including radar, telemetry, and electro-optical tracking systems, were deployed at various locations along the trajectory of the missile. This comprehensive network, which also included two down-range ships at the terminal point, captured valuable flight data throughout the missile’s journey, providing crucial insights for analysis and future enhancements.

Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh extended his heartfelt congratulations to both the DRDO and the Armed Forces for their remarkable success in this endeavor. The Defence Minister commended the teams involved for their meticulous planning and execution, which resulted in a copy-book performance of the New Generation Ballistic Missile Agni Prime.

Dr. Samir V Kamat, Secretary Department of Defence Research and Development and Chairman of DRDO, expressed his appreciation for the immense efforts put forth by the teams of DRDO laboratories and the Armed Forces. He emphasized the importance of collaborative work and acknowledged the significance of their contributions to the successful test launch.

The New Generation Ballistic Missile Agni Prime is a testament to India’s commitment to maintaining a robust defense posture. With its advanced capabilities, the Agni Prime is expected to enhance India’s deterrence capabilities and contribute to national security. The successful launch represents a major stride forward in India’s pursuit of technological excellence in the field of defense.

As India continues to strengthen its defense capabilities, such successful launches demonstrate the nation’s commitment to maintaining a strong and credible defense system. The development of indigenous missile systems like Agni Prime showcases India’s prowess in cutting-edge technology and signifies its preparedness to address any potential threats effectively.

With the successful completion of the first pre-induction night launch of Agni Prime, India takes a significant leap forward in its defense preparedness, ensuring the security and sovereignty of the nation.


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