Breaking News: Allahabad HC Allows Scientific Survey of Disputed Structure at Gyan Vapi Mosque

In a significant development, the Allahabad High Court has allowed for a scientific survey of the disputed structure at the Gyan Vapi Mosque.

The court has directed that the survey must be carried out without causing any harm to Shivling, and the objective is to ascertain how old Shivling is.

The Gyan Vapi Mosque is located in the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, and it has been a site of contention for many years. The dispute revolves around a Shivling that is said to have been present at the site before the mosque was built.

The court’s decision to allow for a scientific survey is being seen as a positive step toward resolving the dispute. The survey will be conducted by a team of experts, who will use non-invasive methods to determine the age of the Shivling.

The court has also directed that the survey must be carried out under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which is the premier agency for the preservation and protection of India’s cultural heritage.

The decision has been welcomed by both Hindu and Muslim groups, who have been involved in the dispute for many years. They have expressed hope that the survey will provide a definitive answer to the age of the Shivling and help resolve the dispute.

Allahabad High Court's Decision Seen as a Positive Step Towards Resolving Long-standing Religious Disputes in India
Allahabad High Court’s Decision Seen as a Positive Step Towards Resolving Long-standing Religious Disputes in India

The Allahabad High Court’s decision comes at a time when there has been a growing demand for the resolution of long-standing disputes over religious sites in India.

The court’s decision is being seen as a step towards promoting peace and harmony between different communities in the country.

The survey is expected to begin soon, and its results will be eagerly awaited by all concerned parties. The Allahabad High Court has expressed the hope that the survey will help resolve the dispute and bring closure to a long-standing issue.


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