Bihar Caste-Based Survey: Patna High Court Dismisses Petitions, Nitish Government Gets Green Signal

In a significant relief for the Nitish Kumar-led government in Bihar, the Patna High Court has delivered a verdict dismissing all petitions challenging the caste-based survey initiated by the Nitish Kumar-led government in Bihar. The ruling paves the way for the Bihar government to proceed with the long-pending caste enumeration in the state.

The contentious issue surrounding the caste-based census has witnessed a notable twist, as the Centre expressed its opposition to the Caste Census. Minister of State for Home Affairs of India, Nityanand Rai, emphasized that such censuses have not been conducted since independence. Despite the Centre’s stance, opposition parties have been persistent in their demands for a caste-based census, further elevating the significance of the ongoing debate.

Advocate Dinu Kumar, representing the petitioners, has expressed dissent over the court’s decision and announced his intention to approach the Supreme Court to challenge the ruling. However, the High Court’s dismissal stands firm, providing the much-needed impetus to the Nitish government’s efforts to proceed with the caste enumeration.

The Patna High Court had undertaken a thorough consideration of multiple petitions filed against the caste-based enumeration before rendering its verdict. Chief Justice Vinod Chandran and Justice Madhuresh Prasad led the bench and took ample time to deliberate before arriving at the decision.

The petitions, filed by different parties with varying concerns and contentions, sought to halt the caste enumeration process. The High Court had, earlier on May 4, issued an interim stay on the process, considering it unconstitutional and unjust, pending further orders.

With the dismissal of all petitions against the Bihar government’s caste-based survey, the Nitish Kumar administration can now move forward unhindered to complete the vital caste-based census. This data holds immense importance in formulating targeted welfare schemes and addressing historical disparities prevalent among various caste groups in the state.

The Bihar government’s determination to undertake this census aims to gather comprehensive demographic data, allowing for informed policymaking and improved social programs. As the matter awaits potential appeal in the Supreme Court, the decision’s impact on Bihar’s socio-economic landscape remains a subject of scrutiny.

The ruling brings a significant sense of relief for the Nitish government and sets the stage for the much-awaited resumption of the caste enumeration. The implications of this landmark decision are expected to be closely monitored by various stakeholders as it unfolds in the coming days.


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