Breaking News: Bihar Police Issue Arrest Warrant and Freeze Bank Accounts Linked to Manish Kashyap

In recent news, the Bihar Police Economic Offenses Wing has obtained an arrest warrant against two individuals, Manish Kashyap, and Yuvraj Singh Rajput, in FIR of Economic Offense Police Station Case No. 0-03/23. The accused are being pursued by a special team, which is conducting raids in various states to arrest them.

In light of the investigation, the amount available in Manish Kashyap’s bank accounts has been frozen. The total amount in question is Rs 42,11,937, with funds spread across his SBI, IDFC Bank, HDFC Bank, and SACHTAK Foundation’s HDFC Bank accounts.

Manish Kashyap, also known as Tripurari Kumar Tiwari, is currently under scrutiny for financial irregularities. The Economic Offenses Station Case No. 0-05/23 has also been registered against the Twitter handle @manishkashyap43, which is operated under the name of Manish Kashyap.

The handle has been accused of spreading untrue, rumor-mongering, and misleading messages by posting a picture of Manish Kashyap’s arrest, which is entirely false.

The primary accused in this case, Prashant Kumar Yogendra Dwivedi, S. Barka Dhakaich, Thana Krishnabrahma, District Buxar, has already been apprehended by the authorities. The arresting officers were present Shashikant Sharma and S. Ganeshpath, Road No. 01, Shivpuri, Thana Shastri Nagar, District Patna, and have since forwarded the accused to judicial custody.

Further investigations are ongoing, and the authorities are continuously conducting raids to arrest the remaining accused. The Economic Offenses Wing is committed to ensuring that justice is served and that those who commit financial crimes are held accountable for their actions.


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