Controversial Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim to be Released on Parole Again, Sparks Outrage in Haryana

In a development that has caused widespread consternation in Haryana, it has been announced that controversial godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim will be out on parole again on 29th April.

The self-styled spiritual leader, who is serving a 20-year sentence for rape and murder, had been granted parole last year on medical grounds. However, he was ordered back to prison after it emerged that he had been using social media to direct his followers and manage his business empire from behind bars.

According to sources, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has once again been granted parole on medical grounds, with officials citing his poor health as the reason for his release. The godman is said to be suffering from multiple health problems, including diabetes, hypertension, and acute back pain.

The news of Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s release has sparked outrage among many Haryana residents, who see him as a symbol of corruption and abuse of power. Several social activists and opposition leaders have expressed their concern over the decision to grant him parole, saying that it sets a dangerous precedent and undermines the justice system.

It is worth noting that Gurmeet Ram Rahim has a huge following in Haryana and other parts of North India, with many people seeing him as a spiritual leader and miracle worker. His release on parole is likely to be seen as a victory by his supporters, who have been campaigning for his release for months.

Meanwhile, security has been tightened in several parts of Haryana in anticipation of Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s release. The police have warned his supporters against holding any public gatherings or rallies, saying that they will take strict action against anyone found violating the law.

In conclusion, the news of Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s release on parole has sparked controversy and outrage in Haryana. While his supporters are likely to see it as a victory, many others see it as a threat to justice and the rule of law.


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