Earthquake Claims Over 250 Lives and Leaves Hundreds Injured in Nepal

Nepal has been struck by a devastating earthquake that has claimed the lives of over 250 people and left hundreds injured. The catastrophe has also led to the destruction of numerous homes and severe damage to the infrastructure, including cracks in the roads.

The epicenter of this powerful earthquake was pinpointed in Ramidanda, a region within Jajarkot, which has suffered the most significant impact. As the earthquake struck, a vast number of individuals were asleep, leading to a considerable loss of life and property in the area.

The initial tremors were recorded at 11:47 pm and had their epicenter in the Jajarkot district. Eyewitnesses reported that the sudden and violent shaking caused many houses in the vicinity to collapse, while roadways were marred by noticeable cracks.

The effects of this seismic event were not limited to Nepal, as tremors were felt as far away as Delhi, India, and even in the neighboring state of Bihar.

In response to this devastating tragedy, Nepal’s Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as ‘Prachanda,’ has arrived in Jajarkot to assess the situation and offer support to the affected people.

Meanwhile, the earthquake also sent shockwaves through North India, where a 6.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded. Residents in cities such as Delhi, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh reported feeling the tremors, prompting many to evacuate their homes in fear.


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