Major Fire Erupts in New Delhi-Darbhanga Express (02570) at Sarai Bhupat Railway Station, Etawah

Etawah: A major fire broke out in the New Delhi-Darbhanga Express (02570) today’s evening at Sarai Bhupat railway station in Etawah. The S-1 coach of the train caught fire under suspicious circumstances, leading to a distressing situation for passengers.

Eight individuals sustained burn injuries as a result of the fire and have been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Administrative officers are on the scene, headed towards Kanpur, overseeing the situation.

The fire, which originated near the guard’s compartment of Darbhanga Express, caused extensive damage to the S-1 coach. Quick action by passengers, who jumped to safety, prevented further casualties.

The station master at Sarai Bhupat noticed smoke emerging from the S-1 coach of the NDLS-Darbhanga Express. The train was promptly halted by closing the Overhead Equipment (OHE), and the fire brigade was summoned to assist in evacuating passengers. Unfortunately, several passengers sustained injuries during the chaotic evacuation process.

In response to the emergency, the train continued its journey after detaching four affected bogies. Authorities are now investigating the cause of the fire as passengers receive medical attention for their injuries. The incident has raised concerns about safety measures on trains, prompting a thorough review of protocols to prevent such incidents in the future.


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